Pssst... 15 May 2017

Pssst… heard that Lilium wasn’t too happy about what Pssst… had to say last week. Pssst… would just like to point out that maybe Lilium should focus less on what Pssst… has to say and more on their Serrie – especially considering that Pssst… has found out their Serrie HK has been very militant, but Pssst… doesn’t expect much from them this year. Kollege seems to be a place of success for Lilium. Pssst… wishes you happy hunting, ladies.

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Pssst... 8 May 2017

Pssst… was excited to see that STUKU also found it necessary to give the residences some more time to practise their serries. Pssst… has heard about some of the performances and Pssst… is shocked that some residences are okay with showing others what their week’s worth of messing about has produced.
Boekenhout seem to be off to a good start. Pssst… received some great feedback from a little birdie. While a lap-dance is a great way to impress a lady, if that’s what she wants from you (#consent), Pssst… would like to remind Boekenhout that Serrie is still a dance performance and little tricks like that won’t get you far with some of the judges.

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Pssst... 27 March 2017

Pssst… sees that even though last week was so short, the residences were able to get quite a lot not done. Mopanie’s mieliewag in particular seem to have had a very lazy long weekend. #wherearethemielies Mopanie? Pssst… thinks that maybe some of their first years would make effective scarecrows.
Speaking of scarecrows, Katjiepiering and Madelief have planned a social to “bury the hatchet”. Pssst… isn’t sure what happened, but Pssst… would like to let Madelief know that not all of the Katte are excited. But maybe this isn’t because of the wrongs that transpired between the two residences, Pssst… wouldn’t want to go to a Madelief social either.

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Pssst... 3 April

Pssst… has been very busy this week trying to keep track of all the frivolous res parties. Pssst… doesn’t understand what the residences have to celebrate, Pssst… wouldn’t be so relaxed with Serrie around the corner.

Pssst… isn’t expecting much from Sonop this year, and not because Pssst… is worried about Sonop being disqualified again. Madelief might know what Pssst… is talking about. Maybe choosing the early hours of the morning to perform in underpants isn’t the best idea. Pssst… noticed that it was quite cold, Sonop.

In other news, Kollege has been quite busy this week. A few of the Kollege flat-caps decided to host a funeral for poor “Karl” who is in a relationship. Pssst… hopes that they don’t see a future in acting, but Pssst… is glad to see that at least one person from Kollege was able to adult.

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Psst...20 February 2016

Pssst... would like to remind everyone that just because it is Valentine’s day it does not give you the right to vandalize property. Poor Erika had to endure Olienhout’s screeches and lame post-it notes that littered their foyer.

However, this is not as bad as Olympus abusing roses to spew romantic slurs at Madelief. Speaking of Madelief, Pssst... rejoiced when, for the second week in a row, there were no jottirs on campus. Pssst... really hopes that Madelief decided to get rid of those stupid polystyrene hats.

Magrietjie must not be loving the single life since Pssst... has never heard such unenthusiastic skipping coming from the Spikkels. It must be so hard to Rag alone. Maybe they should join Taaibos, who were seen drinking alone at Springbok on Valentine’s day.

Pssst... heard that the wedding vows Kollege made to Curlitzia at their zef wedding were as empty as the Vividus sign up tables last week.

Vividus Ladies had some trouble keeping Mopanie’s attention what with all the other lady reses being invited to the Mielievidus zef wedding. Didn’t anyone ever teach Mopanie men that it is rude to invite the mistress to the wedding?

Just some friendly advice from Pssst... to Zinnia, a duck pond filled with the stench of duck droppings, is not the supreme spot for a romantic make out sesh. Pssst... feels really bad for the men of Kiaat, surrounded by Inca, Lilium and Zinnia but zero marriage material around.

Pssst... would like to congratulate Jasmyn, Nerina and Asterhof for being so completely boring, that even Pssst... has nothing mean to say.

The only thing hot about Klaradyn this week was the fire drill they had.

Mareola should stop hanging out at Livingstones or risk not getting back into res like so many of your 2016 first years


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