Blue Bulls TuksRugby Academy 101

Caitlyn Walsh

Established to aid passionate rugby players, the Blue Bulls Tuks Rugby Academy promotes making a career out of rugby for those who love the sport. Perdeby interviewed Wynand Moolman, manager of the academy, to find out what the rugby academy can offer players.

What is the Blue Bulls TuksRugby Academy and why was it established?

The Blue Bulls TuksRugby Academy was established to use rugby to attract passionate rugby players to the University of Pretoria and the Blue Bulls Rugby Union. It was also established to develop and broaden the tal­ented pool of players for the Blue Bulls Rugby Union and [UP] in a well-structured rugby program.

The academy creates an environment where rugby can be used to teach [...] good habits on and off the rugby field. The academy may also use rugby to install morals and values in players.


How foods affect fitness

Caitlyn Walsh

Different foods can have a serious impact on your fitness and the well-being of your body. The body needs certain nutrients to increase fitness levels and to meet specific needs that your body requires in a physical workout. The muscles that you use in an exercise routine need nutrients that you supply through your diet, therefore one should avoid unhealthy foods and stick to wholesome nutrient filled meals.

According to the Fitness Genie, “proteins, vitamins, minerals, water, the lipids in fat and certain carbohydrates should be ingested daily”. Athletes that train hard each day should ingest more servings of carbohydrates with every meal. This is because carbohydrates are necessary to provide energy that the body needs during exercise workouts. Fitness Genie says, “healthy fats should also be ingested as they support the metabolism of the body and they help the body to absorb certain nutrients”. The website adds that the best place to source the lipids in fat would be through nuts, seeds and oils such as olive oil. Protein plays a key role in the building of muscles and should therefore be checked and eaten according to what activities you take part in daily as excess protein will be stored as fat


Inside TuksFencing with the Prague champion, Janali van den Berg

Ashley Magwindiri

Fencing allows you to develop flexibility and balance. It is also a mental sport that requires attention to speed and timing. Recently, a UP dentistry student won a fencing tournament in Prague. Perdeby had the pleasure of talking to Janali van den Berg about her fencing experience.

What initially drew you to Fencing?

I first started with Modern Pentathlon, but it is a very time con­suming sport thus I chose to further specialize in fencing.

What is the secret behind balancing your studies and Tuks­Fencing?

I would say time management and planning are the keys to suc­cess. If you want to achieve your goal, you have to prioritize and really concentrate on what you are doing.

Fencing can be learnt in a short time, however it takes a life­time to master. Can you say you are still learning, or you have mastered it?

I would say I am definitely still learning. Each fencer has his or her own style and I learn something new with every bout I fence. It is a sport that still stimulates your brain until old age, for exam­ple, Hungarian epee fencer Géza Imre won a Silver medal in the 2016 Olympics at the age of 41 years old.


Five minutes with TuksSquash ambassador Nothando Ntimane

Ntokozo Zondo

Nothando Ntimane, a second year BIS Information Science student sat down with Perdeby to discuss her passion for squash and her role as a club ambassador.


You started playing squash seven years ago, what is your earliest memory of the sport?

I remember a six-year-old me running around the court pretending the racket was a guitar.


What makes squash the sports you’ve cho­sen to play for almost a decade?

I love the fast pace and high intensity, and it’s also a very stimulating sport.


TuksArchery Hosts Double 720 and North Gauteng Provincial Championships

Ntokozo Zondo

TuksArchery recently held the club’s first tournament of the year. On 10 February, the club hosted the Double 720 qualifiers to determine who would be eligible to compete at a provincial level. On 11 February, 70 archers competed to make the Northern Gauteng provincial team to qualify before Nationals by playing a range of 70m and 50m with a recurve or compound bow.

Both events were needed for shooters to get their colours as four averages are needed to achieve colours. This is followed by having four provincial averages to make nationals and four national averages to compete on an international level representing South Africa. Registration to compete for both days was open to 2018 registered South African National Archery Association (SANAA) members and visitors or non-SANAA members. SANAA is the national governing body for archery. Trevor Pitout set a new record for the SANAA recurve limited, winning a gold medal. Hendre Verhoef broke two new records for the compound u/10 Boys winning a gold medal.


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