TSC beg for needy students


On 9 March, the TSC held a fundraising event by having a “blikskud” (begging) event on Lynnwood Road outside UP’s main entrance “as a means of approaching the public in order to raise funds towards students in need, and even more so [to] raise awareness on the lack of funding for needy students”.

In what served as the launch of the TSC’s fundraising campaign, TSC members held tin cans and asked motorists for money in peak hour traffic, starting from 07:00.

According to a media statement, this was part of a two-fold fundraising approach done “to raise public awareness on the lack of funds to support needy students, especially after many qualifying students’ applications were rejected by NSFAS and the burden now falls on the university and the TSC to help these students. To blatantly turn these students away, was not an option and the TSC decided to take an alternative and positive approach to raising funds”.

According to TSC chairperson, Henrico Barnard, the event raised R2 000 in 2 hours.

The money that was collected during the event will go into the SRC Study Aid Fund to assist students who have or are going to approach the TSC for financial aid.


Photo: Kaylyn O’Brien

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