Scam artists at UP


According to a security alert e-mail circulated to staff members of the University of Pretoria, two male scam artists have been identified on campus.

The Department of Security Services said the men approached UP personnel members and pretended to be workers from Hewlett Packard. The alleged scam artists provided a fake but convincing Hewlett Packard document. They informed a personnel member that they needed to replace an outdated ink cartridge in their office, and thereafter removed the ink cartridges without returning with a replacement cartridge. Security Services Investigations Manager, Rowan Watson, could not comment on the situation as the incident has already been reported to the SAPS and was said to be “sub judice” (under judicial consideration, thus banned from public discussion). University of Pretoria Spokesperson, Candice Jooste, has however confirmed that “the safety of all students and employees is important to [the University] and [they have] put measures in place to ensure this”.

These measures are as follows:

1. Access to UP campuses is monitored.

2. Regular communication is distributed to students and employees on possible threats to increase awareness, encourage vigilance, and prevent unwanted incidents.

3. Security Services works closely with local police to ensure that incidents are investigated.

Jooste again encourages students and staff to “be mindful of strangers offering goods and services under suspicious circumstances and not to hand valuables to people you do not know”.

Staff members and students are encouraged to contact the Department of Security Services if any suspicious activity is detected. your social media marketing partner

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