Firearm discharged at a popular student bar

Ditebogo Tshaka

In the early hours of 9 March, a firearm is believed to have been discharged inside a popular bar, The Jolly Rodger, on Lynnwood Road.

A video circulated on social media showing the outside of the establishment, when what sounds like a gunshot is heard. After the sound, shouts can be heard from The Jolly Rodger patrons, who then begin to run away from the entrance.

“One of the security guys shot one shot, after knocking out two guys with [a baton]” an eyewitness to the incident who wishes to remain anonymous, recalled.

According to a bartender of the clubhouse, who wishes to remain anonymous, “there was [an] unfortunate incident of violence last night where unknown clients attacked a security guard.”

Management of The Jolly Rodger confirmed the incident to Perdeby. “Scuffles ensued between the security company appointed by T.J.R and the unsavoury elements, when these elements tried to force their way into T.J.R. At this time, management cleared T.J.R via the emergency escape route and the police were summoned immediately. All clients were evacuated within 3 minutes. Police arrived on site without delay” said T.J.R. management. . “T.J.R is very grateful that nobody was injured in the process. Once the premises were entirely closed off, the situation was discussed with the SAPS and handed over to them.”

The bar’s management said that since the incident, they have met with and consulted with various stakeholders to ensure the necessary steps are taken to enhance security to the best of its abilities.

At the time of going to print, the South African Police Services was unable to give more information on the incident.



Images: Screengrabs from an eyewitness video

Video: Instagram

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