Gather Online comes to South Africa

Gather Online comes to South Africa


Gather Online is a social media platform based in Australia and was founded by a South African, David Price. The spokesperson for Gather Online and SA 5FM DJ, Linda Mbuso, highlighted the central goal this platform aims to achieve. “At our core we bring together like minded people who want to share, contribute to and grow ideas with other like-minded individuals. [The platform is] very simple to use, an individual uploads a topic and people who have comments or insight on that particular topic will contribute, thus creating a gathering around that issue,” he explained.

The application launched over four years ago and is being used in the USA, India and Vietnam. According to Mbuso, there is a shortage of applications that can really accommodate for unlimited characters, which is why Gather Online can cater well for students as an informal setting where they can discuss lectures or other issues affecting student life. The app is not just one for messaging but allows the “enhancement of student lives” since it is an international network and people from other parts of the world can have insight on each forum as well.

Another factor that can prove to be beneficial for students is that one can customise the settings and filter out options that might require a lot of data usage. Gather Online allows for more private group chats and the removal of individuals who behave inappropriately if need be.

The application allows people to stay informed about what is happening in and around the world and topics range from serious ones including the laws of certain countries and less serious ones such as whether Leonardo Dicaprio should be given the role of the Joker in Batman.

You can use Gather Online on your desktop by going to https://www. It is also available for free download as an app on the GooglePlay Store and iTunes.

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