Pharmaceutical vending machines to be installed on UP campuses


UP is considering installing pharmaceutical vending machines which will allow students to access over-the-counter medication and other health items across all campuses.

“These machines will sell over-the-counter type products similar to what may be bought on the shelves of supermarkets. The machine will also offer some female products,” said Prof. Susan Adendorff, the director of the Department of Facilities Management. One such machine has been installed on the Prinshof campus on a trial basis.

SRC member for facilities, safety and security Kim Ngobeni said that idea of having pharmaceutical vending machines on campus came to her after she came across a female student in need of a sanitary towel in a bathroom. “We started speaking about how it would be nice to have a machine that dispensed sanitary towels for emergencies like this, and how it could also have disprins and so on. So we wrote it down and proposed the idea to management,” said Ngobeni.

Prof. Adendorff told Perdeby that the university hopes that the vending machines will provide students with convenient, safe access to medication at all times.

In a statement issued by Daso, SRC Deputy President Taymoon Altamash echoed Prof. Adendorff saying that the vending machines will contribute to the “overall health, comfort and well-being of students”. He added that, “Such facilities will add to the University of Pretoria’s reputation as a world class institution.”


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