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Poetry Corner 5 March 2018

Between these lines - Minke Biddulph


Between these lines lay

the lucid resentment.

Buried beneath our fear of rejection,

feelings shout out our hearts’ intent

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Top Ten: Annoying Fashion Trends on Campus

1- Activewear. Did you really just come from gym? 

2- Your Matric hoody. No one cares. 

3- Black vans. We get it, you listen to the 1975

4- Nose piercings. So. Edgy. 

5- Your "wannabeard". Please shave those four hairs on your cheek

6- Graphic Tees. Do you even know what's on your shirt?

7- Wearing beanies in 36-degree weather. We get it, you play "wonderwall" at parties. 

8- Marijuana themed clothing. Oh cool, you smoked weed once. 

9- Matching couples outfits. This is university, not Instagram. 

10- Anything culturally appropriated. Educate yourselves


Top 10 things first years do that annoy seniors

1.Walk slowly. Please pick up your feet

2.Ask for directions. You will be amazed by what you could find if you followed signs

3.Park badly

4.Take over Oom Gert’s. Half of you aren’t legal

5.Try to be cool. Just no

6.Talk loudly in class. You’re here for an education

7.High school couples. We might be a little salty but stop holding hands

8.Haggle over second-hand textbooks. Seniors are broke

9.Being overly enthusiastic. Your souls have not felt pain yet

10.Clipping your student card to your shirt. It’s not a badge of honour, we don’t want to see your bad photos

Poetry Corner 19 February 2018

Leave me unwashed - Tadiwanashe S. Mupfunya

Why don’t we drink our coffee black?
Dark chocolate is too strong!
Our skin looks like a mud puddle,
A dirty dirty pond of dung.
So, many feel contaminated,
And they set themselves on fire
For the world to envy the flame.
They drown in a tub of bleach,
Spend thousands and thousands,
Trying to abolish this germ.
Covering it up, watering it down
Staying indoors, swimming in woes,
Shaking it off,
But not to the African drum.
As every brown sistah turns into a yellow star
My voluptuous lips still utter the plea:
Please leave me unwashed.

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Poetry Corner 5 February 2018

Perseverance – Heike Lucht

Rolling with the tides of life

Accepting change as constant

It needn’t be comfortable, only inevitable

I may as well just roll with it

Come up for air once in a while

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