Fuzigish before Mieliepop

The well-seasoned punk band Fuzigish answered a few questions for Perdeby ahead of Mieliepop this weekend. Fuzigish has played at Mieliepop before, and is keen to return to the Lothair festival.

What’s on the cards for Fuzigish in 2017 with regards to new music?

Jay: If we do record some new music it will be much later in the year. We are up for it and got a few new songs lurking, but we need to decide how and when to do it.
Rockwell: I would like to do a documentary and have started collecting footage, but it is still early days.


Are you performing at any other major festivals this year?
Tom: We are playing at LUSH in Clarens.
Rockwell: Hopefully Oppikoppi, but that is still up in the air.

The band has been around for quite some time. How do you ensure you stay relevant in an ever-evolving music scene?

Jay: I am not really sure and there is no blueprint, but I think we have stuck to our guns and we do what we do. We [are] very honest in that sense and never have been too[CT1]  worried about trends.

Have you found that your fan base has changed?
Jay: Not really sure how to answer that. People still come to shows, young and old. I think we have [the] greatest fans in the world, past and present.

What are you most looking forward to at Mieliepop?

Jay: Big Willy's barge.
Willy: Thanks Jay. Yeah last year I made a barge. It was hard work but everyone enjoyed it and we transported mieliepoppers all over.
Rockwell: Late nights at the rave cave!
Tom: The line-up looks cool, so definitely amped to watch the bands and chill.
Jay: The venue is very scenic with trees and rivers. It is very user-friendly.
Willy: It is always good bumping into old friends and making some new ones.

You have played with numerous international acts and internationally, what has been your favourite experience and why?

Jay: That is impossible to say. It wouldn’t be fair to pick one or two because there have been so many shows.
Willy: Mieliepop is going to be great! Future experiences count?
Jay: PMA – Positive Mental Aittitude.
Willy: YEAH!

How has the band changed over the years?
Rockwell: We had some member changes, but besides maybe being older, we [are] still the same really. Maybe we got more experience.
Jay: Yeah, we are like skanking ninjas.


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