From the Editor: When the things get real

For some reason during mid-March, things are always crazy. Semester tests begin, assignments are due, and in general things get a bit real. Last week Thursday, the Perdeby editorial spent almost all night in the office working on this edition, and I hope that our readers enjoy it.

We’ve got some interesting content this week, including a look at the relationship between the International Criminal Court and the African continent, a fun interview with UP Hip-Hop collective The Looneys, and an Entertainment feature on the transformation of the Academy awards.

I’m really looking forward to the Rag benefit concert that is going to be held later in the month. It’s great to see that an event is being held to assist needy students. It’s also promising that the line-up is very diverse, and caters for a range of musical taste. This will hopefully lead to students from all backgrounds attending the concert, and having a good time together.

While the concert is aimed at assisting students, it is also a way for students to bond, and create a positive atmosphere on campus. It’s been a while since an official UP social event for students was held, and students need events that allow them to just relax and forget about weekly pressures.

Over the past weekend, the whole Perdeby team went on a training camp. The training camp is aimed at teaching our staff members the skills they need to ensure that this publication consistently releases content of the highest standard, but is also a great way for staff members to bond. Friendships are made, and these relationships play a significant role in the way the publication functions.

I hope that everyone has a successful March, and that the things don’t get too real. We don’t have an edition next week, but our online content section will be publishing daily, so keep an eye on our website and social media pages. We’ll be back on 27 March. your social media marketing partner

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