From the Editor: See you on the flip side, kids…

The year has come and gone for the Perdeby staff. It feels like just yesterday that the rest of the editorial and I sat down in the previous editor, Huvasan’s, office for the first time, new, timid and unsure. We have made mistakes, but we have learned, grown and matured into a close editorial that can tackle any situation placed before us. We started as a completely new group with no previous experience between us, but we found our way in the end. Happily, some of us are staying, bringing our experience from this year into the new one. We have some exciting plans for next year, so look forward to picking up your first copy of Perdeby on campus in 2018.

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From the Editor: It’s crunch time, baby…

The Jacarandas are out and it is half way through October, if you hadn’t noticed it’s almost the end of the year and it is time to get serious. This time of the year can get to some people and the pressures to do well can affect students deeply. Some students will be writing their last exams for their university career and others will be experiencing their first October crunch. We all deal with the stress differently, I like to hang around under the Jacaranda trees, hoping to get the flowers to hit my head and shower me with their legendary good luck. Stress really gets to me sometimes and during those times I always have to step back and tell myself that life goes on and that things will always be okay (I hope). There is always support though, we are all students and we all understand. Speak to your friends and family, but if you can’t, speak to student support on campus. Check out page 5 to see how you can find support on campus.

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From the Editor: Spring and other silly things

It is ridiculous that it is already almost October. It also seems that we have completely skipped over spring too, one day I was wearing hoodies over jerseys, the next I’m trying to find the thinnest shirts in my cupboard, in another we will be preparing for the stress of exams.

The world is filled with silly things, but things we assume are silly can be serious too. Take the silly leader Kim Jong-un (or as another silly world leader calls him: “rocket man”); this walking f***-boy hair-cut could lead the world to a nuclear war. The prospect is so serious, the Perdeby office is increasingly being populated by dooms-day-preppers. Even Pssst… is hiding in the nuclear shelter under the floorboards of the Perdeby office. If you haven’t heard much about North Korea, take a look at our article for a quick guide on it.

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From the Editor-in_Chief: Transformation: where is the line of demarcation?

Carel Willemse 

I’ve worked closely with some of the students affected by the current controversial SRC situation playing out on our front page. The emotional impact on the democratically elected student leaders is just as prevalent on those who reluctantly needed to step up and fill the ex-officio positions to balance the quota set out in the Constitution for Student Governance. No one won.

There really isn’t much I can say that will change the situation at the moment. I’d rather focus on the evident transformation that has taken place in our student structures. Who would’ve thought that UP would need to dance to the tune of filling quota positions for white students? Through a democratic process, UP students have spoken, and the result was a completely different student leadership from previous years.

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From the Editor: Between a rock and a hard place

Last week was a wild week. So much happened in a short space of time and I am very proud of the Perdeby team. We had a huge amount of information to sift through to ensure we discovered and represented the most accurate and balanced story we could.

This story is obviously a contentious issue. After years of pushing for transformation and many failed attempts, we were finally sitting with an SRC with less than 20% white representation. What makes this very important is that this was a result of a democratic vote, meaning that the students decided that this was the group they wanted to represent them. But alas, the Constitution of Student Governance could not allow for this.

I see the initial results of the election as an overwhelming success and a huge step forward for us. But the decision to ensure we follow the Constitution was an important one, one that was, in some ways, necessary to make (although not the one that solves our problems, gives the students what they want, or aids in our fight towards transformation.)

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