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Copy Editor

Have a good eye for spelling and grammar? 
This is for you!

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Entertainment Journalist

Write about the entertainment news that students care about! 

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Features journalist

Features journalist: indepth looks at current affairs, trends and hot topics.

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Layout Artist

Assist in the design and layout of the paper as a final product. 

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Multimedia Assistant

Come and be part of the team the produces all Perdeby's videos, infographics and podcasts! 

You also get to meet Christiaan! 

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News journalist

News journalist: investigative journalism, reporting on campus news.

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Photographer/Graphic Artist

Apply to be a Photographer/Graphic Artist

Take pictures and draw images for the print and online publication 

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Research and Development

Researching, designing and implementing new and innovative solutions to help Perdeby move into a more digital orientation. 

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Sport Journalist

Sport Journalist: reporting on UP and student sport. 

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Web Assistant

Become a web assistant! 

Help to managePerdeby's online presence, website maintenance and be sure to learn and have a lot of fun in the process.

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